Annual General Meeting 2020 – Approval

Due to present circumstance of Covid-19 restraint our Glengarry History May 7, 2020 Annual General Meeting could not proceed.  Consequently, you will find enclosed:

  1. President’s Report ( Summary of GH 2019-20 activities)
  2. Financial Statement for 2019 (has been approved by the GH Board)

As mentioned in the President’s Report  two new members have been proposed to join the GH Board in 2020-22 :  David McPherson (Lancaster)    and  David Joseph (Dalkeith)

The GH Board would like to assume your tacit support and satisfaction – in which case there is no need to reply.

However,  Objections or Questions or Comments can be directed before June 30, 2020 to either:        or       613 525-3806     or  613 347-7192