Dictionary of Glengarry Biography

A comprehensive history of Glengarry County told through the lives of pioneers, fur traders, soldiers, farmers, railway barons, politicians, criminals; anybody and everybody who helped make Glengarry County Canada’s most storied and most celebrated county.

Available for purchase online in our store. 800 pages, 1600 entries, 850,000 words, maps, hardcover. First edition 2010. Reprinted 2013.

Anyone with family connections in Glengarry County, anyone familiar with Glengarry, anyone interested in the history of Glengarry will want to own this remarkable book.

Written by the eminent “Historian of Glengarry”, Royce MacGillivray, Author of “A History of Glengarry”, “Bibliography of Glengarry County”.

A review of this work, by Scott Carmichael published in:

The Glengarry News, January 20, 2010, page A6.

Reproduced here with permission.

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