April 3 Joint Meeting of Encore and Glengarry Historical Society Features Author Jennifer DeBruin on SD&G History

A joint meeting of Encore and the Glengarry Historical Society will feature Jennifer DeBruin whose topic will be “TIME TRAVEL: Exploring our own family history as inspiration for our writing,” to be held at the Nor’westers and Loyalists Museum in Williamstown on Thursday, April 3, at 7:30 PM. This session is open to the general public.

As Ms. DeBruin describes the session, “It will include a personal account of how I wrote both of my fact-based/historical fiction novels set in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry: A WALK WITH MARY (2012) and SHADOWS IN THE TREE (2013). It will touch on genealogy and take the audience on a historical journey into SD&G history.” Part of that history includes the United Empire Loyalists. Those who come early will have the opportunity to tour the Museum’s special section on the Loyalists.

An author and avid genealogist, Jennifer DeBruin combines a love of history and writing in an effort to, in her own words, “discover the humanity in the history.” She continues, “With deep ancestral roots in New France/Quebec, Upper Canada/Eastern Ontario and Colonial America, I am interested in exploring the human story within this rich history. Whether through my novels or presentations, I am always seeking opportunities to learn the stories of people and places through discussion, research and travel.”

In addition to her writing and publications, Jennifer DeBruin has operated a successful training and professional development business since 2005. Her 18 years of experience includes post-secondary education (public and private), business management and marketing. She is the recipient of the Aboriginal Institutes Consortium Faculty Award in 2008. For more information about her and her work please go to: www.jenniferdebruin.com.

Jennifer DeBruin will share her approach to writing personal history and how she embeds her stories in the history of SD&G at this joint meeting of the Glengarry Historical Society and Encore on Thursday, April 3, at the Nor’westers Museum at 19651 County Road 17 in Williamstown at 7:30 PM. For additional information please contact David Anderson, 613-347-7192, or Bill Gilsdorf, 613-525-5177.