Glengarry Historical Society Meeting of March 6 Features History of Munro & McIntosh Carriage Co. of Alexandria

The Glengarry Historical Society’s second program of 2014 will be a presentation on the history of the Munro & McIntosh Carriage and Sleigh Company of Alexandria by Dane Lanken of Alexandria at its meeting on Thursday, March 6, 8:00 PM, at the United Church on the Hill in Alexandria. The session is open to the general public.

Alexandria was a bustling industrial town a century ago, thanks largely to the success of the Munro and McIntosh sleigh and carriage company. From its complex of buildings on Main Street at St. George, M&M turned out tens of thousands of horse-drawn vehicles between 1880 and 1920, the glory days of the horse and buggy era.

The company had a work force of more than 200, and depended on local farmers and sawmills for its vast wood requirements, bringing an era of growth and prosperity to Alexandria and surrounding Glengarry County.

Dane Lanken, a dedicated local historian and former President of the Historical Society, has been an admirer of Munro and McIntosh vehicles for many years. In fact he owns one of these M&M carrriages. Formerly, the film critic and feature writer for the Montreal Gazette, Lanken is a well-known free lance writer, contributing to Canadian Geographic and other magazines, writing two books: one on the movie theatres of Montreal and a second on the McGarrigle sisters, and editing “Glengarry Gardens,” a book on the old arenas of Alexandria.

Dane Lanken will tell the story of Munro & McIntosh and its great success in a now-vanished era of horses and horsepower at the next meeting of the Glengarry Historical Society on Thursday, March 6, 8:00 PM, at the United Church on the Hill, located one block east of North Main Street in Alexandria. For additional information contact either David Anderson, 613-347-7192 or Bill Gilsdorf, 613-525-5177.