I’m pleased to be able to announce the March 6th program which will feature a presentation by former GHS President, Dane Lanken, on the history of the Munro & McIntosh Sleigh and Carriage Company of Alexandria. The meeting will start at 8:00 PM at the Church on The Hill in Alexandria and is open to the public. Some of you may recall that Dane spoke on this topic at a very popular session at the Nor’westers and Loyalist Museum in Williamstown. A number of you have approached me to say that they missed that session and hoped there would be another opportunity to hear about the M&M and its important history and contribution to the area. Those of you who had the good fortune to attend the earlier session might also look forward to the chance for renewed discussion and additional learning about this company with an international reputation.

The April 3 meeting of the Historical Society will feature Jennifer DeBruin whose topic will be TIME TRAVEL, Exploring our own family history as inspiration for our writing. Jennifer adds, “it will include a personal account of how I wrote both my fact-based/historical fiction novels set in SD&G: A Walk with Mary (GSPH, 2012), and Shadows in the Tree (GSPH, 2013). It will touch on genealogy and take participants on a historical journey into SD&G history.”

We hope to have that meeting at the Nor’westers and Loyalist Museum in Williamstown. I hope to see you on March 6 and April 3.

Please note that we are well into 2014 and we look forward to receiving membership dues for annual members (can be mailed to GHS at Box 416, Alexandria, ON , K0C 1A0).

Spring seems to be vaguely in the air. I’m ready!
Bill Gilsdorf, Acting Chair
February 20, 2013