Lecture Re: “Glengarry and the First World War” Rescheduled to March 24

Robin Flockton is researching the subject of “Glengarry and the First World War”. His investigations will cover the entire second decade of the twentieth century. The objective of the project is to present a picture of life in Glengarry County in the period leading up to the War, and how the population fared during the conflict. Current histories are at best sparse on this subject.
Church records, village histories and community publications and of course the Glengarry News are proving to be excellent sources of material. However it is likely some of the best stories are to be found in family records.
How much did the people of Glengarry know about the impending storm that was to engulf the world in August 1914? How did the people of Canada feel about the British Empire? What was the state of Canada’s military preparedness during the years leading up to the War? How was the local militia, the 59th Stormont and Glengarry Regiment, organised and trained?
These questions will be answered in the first of a series of eight lectures, entitled. “The Spring of 1914”. A second presentation: “Sorry! Christmas Leave Cancelled” is planned for November 2014.  The third lecture in the series is scheduled, to coincide with the centenary the Canadian Expeditionary Force entering the trenches in France, in March 2015. It is planned to continue the lecture series throughout the duration of the war, culminating with a lecture and discussion on the Treaty of Versailles in 2019.
If you have family stories, documents or memorabilia that provide some of these answers, please contact Robin at 613-525-2483 or flockton23@outlook.com.