I’m using this holiday greeting as a notice to all members about upcoming meetings since we have not yet found a volunteer to produce a monthly newsletter. Any takers? In addition to wishing you all the best for 2014, I wanted to update you all on the schedule of member meetings for the year.

There will be no meeting in January since the first Thursday comes the day after New Year’s Day. There will be meetings on the first Thursday of the month for February, March, April and May and our annual picnic on June 12. Thanks to a brainstorming session by Grant Cameron, Dane Lanken and David Anderson, we have a list of 25 potential future programs, the first of which will be a presentation by Marc Lanthier on the history of the Lanthier Bakery of Alexandria, better known for its Betty Brite line of baked goods, on Thursday, February 6, at 8:00 at the United Church on the Hill in Alexandria. A short introduction to Marc, now the company President, and to the bakery is included below.

Other monthly presentations are still in the planning stages but the schedule of meetings is:

  • February 6: History of the Lanthier Bakery, presented by Marc Lanthier, President of the bakery, hosted by Grant Cameron, Church on the Hill, Alexandria
  • March 6: TBA at the Norwester’s and Loyalist Museum, Williamstown
  • April 3: TBA
  • May 1: Annual General Meeting and Potluck supper, 6:00 PM
  • June 12: Annual Picnic; Location TBA

I hope to see you all on the 6th of February in Alexandria. In the meantime I wish each of you a healthy, engaging, and satisfying New Year. One of my new year’s resolutions is to do what I can to promote an active membership, one that will continue the challenge of preserving Glengarry’s rich heritage. Part of that challenge is recruiting new members, encouraging existing members, volunteering for tasks and roles within the Society, and supporting the programming of the GHS and its allied museums. I hope that you will join me in that endeavor.

The brief resume of Marc Lanthier and the bakery follows. See you in 2014.

Bill Gilsdorf, Chair




Marc Lanthier

Marc Lanthier

Lanthier Bakery Ltd. continues to be a family run and owned company since 1932. We bake and deliver, fresh bread and rolls on a daily basis to our Quebec and Ontario customers. We have 2 production facilities: Alexandria, and Baie d’Urfee, and 14 distribution centers. We have 62 trucks currently serving over 5000 locations.

Marc Lanthier, is the current President of the Bakery, his father Claude is still Chairman of the board. His sister Lison is head IT (information technologies). Marc started work as a student, then went to Ottawa to get a business-marketing degree at Ottawa U. In 1989 Marc returned to the Bakery to work full time. After occupying many positions in the sales department, he has occupied position of President since 2005.

Recently the distribution network has been expanded to practically all of Ontario, and most of Quebec. The latest initiative was the launch of the Discovery line of products. Some of these products have health benefits, for being made with no fat and no sugars. Others are made with Ontario flour (Sourced from local farmers), accredited with the Food Land Ontario certification.

Our future success is based on meeting customers’ needs for healthier products, and meeting their needs to identify with the company’s values. This will be achieved by working with nutritionists, bakery specialists, and market research. In addition we have to communicate these changes to our customers though various channels and media.