Glengarry History Update Report : May 2021

What has happened and what has not happened at Glengarry History during this pandemic-dominated 2020-21 season ? Besides or despite Covid-19.

The October 2020 update newsletter made mention of the public events and activities that could not happen : the Speakers Series gatherings and the Annual General Meetings. Some undertakings have gone forth, however. You will recall the ‘Glengarry War Memorial Project’ proposal by Robin Flockton at our September GH Board meeting which was strongly approved in a motion including $2000 ‘seed money’ to kick start it. Encouraging progress in this “Glengarry Remembers” video ‘YouTube’ production points to a completion date by July 1, 2021 despite the pandemic obstacles. Something to look forward to !

The remarkable asset that is the Dictionary of Glengarry Biography (DGB) has been another focus. In 2019 Glengarry History had printed fifty more copies which can be found a several locations such as the R&L Book Store, the Glengarry Archives, Pioneer Museum, Anderson Books (Williamstown), and Glengarry History (PO Box 416, Alexandria and at ). The advantages and desirability of establishing an on-line edition of the DGB was the subject of discussion at an alfresco meeting on April 7, 2021. Robin Flockton and I (Richard Bleile) were joined by Allan Macdonell, David Anderson, and Dane Lanken who had been the major forces and contributors in the publication of Royce MacGillivray’s exceptional work in 2010. David Anderson (custodian of the digital manuscript) along with Dane Lanken had attained Royce’s blessing for this undertaking in a phone call the previous evening. Mr. Flockton correctly states: “Placing the DGB on-line and enabling its regular up-date is clearly in the mandate of the GHS, and the Society is custodian of the DGB copyright.” Exploratory work is currently being done in coordination with John Woodrow, the skillful manager of the GH website, to determine the possibilities and further implications of accomplishing this task. It is rather useful to think that a committee will be formed to establish the mechanisms, criteria, and procedure required in monitoring new entries in the future on-line edition of the Dictionary of Glengarry Biography.

Much gratitude is due to our treasurer, Colleen, whose book keeping and accounting talents have been a critical requirement throughout the year as the financial transactions continue. Her accounts were declared to be impeccable by Ms. Runions who examined the financial records and the Financial Statement for the year 2020.

Our inability to hold our monthly Speakers features has resulted in that loss of revenue. Membership fees forthcoming (Glengarry History, P.O. Box 416, Alexandria, Ontario. K0C 1A0) will be a morale boost for Colleen and the ubiquitous supporting force in GH functioning, Bruce McPherson, director of Membership and Communications.

I live in the hope that we will be able to have our Board meet by early August so as to preview and plan an active and interesting season 2021-22. With all members having vaccination protection it is very likely that Glengarry Historical Society activities and gatherings will resume in the latter part of 2021.

Safe and Happy Summer !
Richard Bleile (president of Glengarry History)