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Additional Biographies

When the Dictionary of Glengarry Biography was published by Royce MacGillivray, it was realized that some entries may be missing. It would be a monumental task to cover all possible biographies within a reasonable timeframe, So Royce decided to stop at a particular point, and allow for the possibility of additional entries later. In fact […]

Video Online – Glengarry Remembers

The video shown at the presentation on November 11 is now available on Youtube. Just click here to view it.

Notice – Change of venue

The November 11 Video Premiere “Glengarry Remembers” will be in the Michel Depratto hall at the Glengarry Sports Palace.  There is an elevator service to get to the upper room.

Video Presentation

Glengarry History Video Premiere: “Glengarry Remembers” Written and Directed by Robin Flockton 7:30pm Thursday, November 11, 2021 Admission:  Members $5,  Non-members $10 Covid protocol requires masks to be worn until seated; vaccinations required. Information: or or call 613 525-3806 or 613 347-7192