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Annual Picnic 2013 – Glengarry House / Stone House Point

The Annual Picnic of 2013 started with a visit to Glengarry House at Stone House Point. It is described in this entry by Parks Canada: DESCRIPTION OF HISTORIC PLACE Glengarry House National Historic Site of Canada is located on Stonehouse Point, just east of Cornwall, Ontario. Now a ruin, the fieldstone gable walls of the […]

Women in Between: Women in the Fur Trade

Ann Anderson was the July 31 Guest Speaker at the Nor’Westers and Loyalist Museum. She spoke on women in the fur trade and their important role in the fur trading industry.   She highlighted the special skills and hard work these women contributed to their voyageur husbands’ and the North West Company’s success.  Through tough times […]

Annual Picnic 2011 – Ridgewood

This year we were fortunate to  be the  guests of  Mr. Alfredo Brusorio, of Ridgewood, a historic mansion located just a little east of Lancaster, built by John McLennan.  Some time in the 1870‘s, Ridgewood became  the home of John McLennan’s son Duncan, and his wife, Mrs. Duncan McLennan (Harriet Mair). John McLennan was born […]

Crown-Aboriginal Treaty Making in Glengarry and Beyond: From the Royal Proclamation of 1763 to the Maa-nulth First Nations Final Agreement of 2011

Crown-Aboriginal treaty making has been fundamental to Canada’s legal, political and social evolution, including the non-Aboriginal settlement of Glengarry County starting in 1783. Although its ongoing legal effect is still debated, the Royal Proclamation of 1763 had lots to say about treaty making, including: And whereas it is just and reasonable, and essential to our […]

Remembering the British Home Children

Will Robertson spoke on the British Home Children at the April 7 General Meeting.  He describes his relationship to Glengarry: “My father and 4 of his siblings (2 sisters and 2 brothers) were Quarrier’s children.  Four of the five children came to eastern Ontario between 1925 -1930.  One sister had TB and remained at Quarrier’s.  My […]

Preserving Community Histories

Susan Robertson will speak on preserving community histories.  In her own words … “Ontario Women’s Institutes started compiling local histories in the late 1940’s and 1950’s.  Each Branch was encouraged to start History books to record the local histories of their village and rural community.  These smaller centres wouldn’t have their histories recorded if locals didn’t […]

The Royal American Regiment: Glengarry County’s Other Military Founder

Alexander (Sandy) Campbell captivated the GHS membership with his enthusiastic dissertation.  He discussed the significant role played by the Royal American Regiment in North American history and the history of Glengarry. The Swiss founder of the Regiment, James Prevost, in 1755 persuaded the British powers of the need to defend the settlers of the regions […]

Sheila Fraser Presentation

Sheila Fraser was the guest speaker on September 2. Born in Dundee, Quebec she has a special relationship to Glengarry. These days she tries to keep our financial ship afloat in Ottawa, as Auditor General. GHS President Allan Macdonell, opened the meeting by thanking the Reverend Andrea Harrison for facilitating the use of St. Andrew’s […]

Annual Picnic 2010 – Lochiel

The Annual Glengarry Historical Society Picnic was held in Lochiel, with a presentation by Bill Gilsdorf on the history of the area, with contributions from Basil McCormick, the Church of St. Alexander, and others.   Basil’s Map.pdf   Short Sketch of the Township of Lochiel by Campbell Fraser   St Alexander (Eng)   St Alexandre (Fr)

Mohawk Valley Presentation

Ed Kipp spoke on the Mohawk Valley at the May General Meeting. The meeting was hosted at the Sir John Johnson Manor Hose in Williamstown. Wendy Wirt began by introducing Ed Kipp and George Anderson to an enthusiastic group which overflowed the meeting room, out into the adjoining room. Ed started by explaining how Sir William […]