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Boundary Plaque Unveiling Ceremony

A plaque commemorating the the restoration of the boundary markers laid in 1860 marking the border of upper and lower and Canada was unveiled on June 21, 2014. Representatives of the municipalities of St. Télesphore and South Glengarry, as well as a number of interested  onlookers were in attendance.        

Unveiling of Boundary Marker Plaque

Several years ago, the Glengarry Historical Society initiated a project to revive interest in, and restore the boundary markers laid out in 1860 delineating the Quebec-Ontario border.  Over the intervening years, many of the markers had been damaged, destroyed, and simply lost in the undergrowth.  With the cooperation of both provincial governments, local municipalities, and […]

Boundary Marker Project

Objective:  To identify, restore and publicize the original Boundary Markers defining the Quebec/Ontario (Lower Canada/Upper Canada) border.

Boundary Marker Map

The Team Investigates….

Jean-Pierre Eric Bélanger Susan Daniel Wikar Lacasse QC. Surveyor MacGregor Roberge Bhatti QC. Surveyor ON. Surveyor QC. Surveyor ON. General General Surveyor

The Marker Report

A Report on the Joint Inspection of the Boundary Between the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec (1969)