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    Dictionary of Glengarry Biography
    A comprehensive history of Glengarry County told through the lives of pioneers, fur traders, soldiers, farmers, railway barons, politicians, criminals; anybody and everybody who helped make Glengarry County Canada’s most storied and most celebrated county.

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India Pattern Musket

 During the American Revolution, muskets, their attached bayonets, and cannons were the primary weapons supplied. The British Land Patterned muskets, nicknamed “Brown Bess”, were introduced in 1722 and produced into the 1860s. Other weapons were available such as rifles and pistols, but muskets were preferred because they were more convenient due to how quickly they […]

2013 Events

May 18 long weekend Museum opens for the season! Open weekends and holiday Mondays until July 1st, from 1-5pm. May 25 Annual Community Meeting – begins 11am with a light lunch The meeting will report on the past year at the museum as well as upcoming events and plans. We welcome the community to come […]