Green Valley Presentation

The Green Valley Presentation on April 8, after a brief introduction by Maurice Gauthier, Ron Lajoie gave an informative and entertaining overview of the history of Green Valley to an audience of approximately 100 people.Ron started off by explaining that although he is more a ‘storian’ than a ‘historian’, the more he delved into the history of Green Valley, the more interesting it has become to him.  He started his stories at the very beginning when Green Valley was a ‘B&B&B’, a bed and breakfast and booze on the road between Lancaster and Hawkesbury, run by Mary MacDonald.  He described what he called the first and second waves of immigrants to Green Valley.  First the Scots came in the early development of Glengarry, founding Green Valley 132 years ago.  Gradually the French displaced the Scots becoming an overwhelming majority in the early 1900s.  Ron described how his own ancestors ‘loaded the wagons with family and furniture, tied on the cows, horses, pigs and chickens’ and made, what was at the time, the long and difficult journey down from Greenfield to take up residence at newly purchased farm on the 8th concession.  Ron used a map of the concession roads and their features to show how so much of the history of the area has developed around the 8th concession.  He then recounted how the ‘Regulation 17’ law, limiting the teaching of French in Ontario was opposed in Green Valley (and other areas) until it was finally overturned.

Today Green Valley is continuing its ongoing transformation and is reverting back to a primarily English speaking area; nonetheless, the Francophone influence on the development of the area will always remain.  Ending off the presentation, Ron described the scenes in photographs of latter day Green Valley, some shown below.