Glengarry Life Article Submissions

Glengarry Life is resuming with a modern twist!  In keeping with the times, a new section of this website has been created which allows articles for publication to be prepared in an online, collaborative fashion.  Chances are you have seen WikiPedia, the world-wide, collaborative encyclopedia.  Now we we have WikiGlengarry.  Well, not quite, but there is now a website addition called Doku-wiki which brings the multi-user article development environment to Glengarry Life.  It is a relatively simple tool for text preparation and editing, allowing anyone to read the articles, and registered users to contribute and edit.  You can see it under the menu item ‘RESOURCES’.

Glengarry Life articles should, naturally, have an emphasis on Glengarry.  Places, personalities, events, associations, industries are all possible topics.  Take a look at the online versions of the original printed Glengarry Life for inspiration.

If you wish to be a contributor to Glengarry Life, simply send an email to and you will be given an ID and password which allow you post your new contributions, as well edit or add to, existing articles.  You will be joining a celebrated group.

If you are not a member of Historical Society, this may be a good time to join.