FEATURED SPEAKER: Marc Lanthier on the history of the Lanthier Bakery in Alexandria.

FROM THE ACTING CHAIR: As we start the new year I hope that you will be able to join us for this first of our monthly programs. The topics for the March 6 and April 3 programs will be announced soon.

The May 1 session will be our Annual General Meeting to receive financial reports and elect new officers. Which brings me to the critical point that we need individuals willing to step up and be part of our Board of Directors. As you know, the GHS is going through a period of transition that requires leadership and the commitment of the membership. As of this writing, neither Graham Wells, our Vice-Chair, nor I, Acting Chair, intend to continue in our current roles. Graham will be canvassing the membership for volunteers for the Board.

Web Site: At its last meeting the GHS Board voted unanimously to remove the necessity for a member password to get onto the site. We had heard from a number of you that you had difficulty accessing the site. I was one of those having difficulty. Of those able to get on, no one was using the member’s only section. We all felt that the web site should be open and available to anyone who wanted to learn about what was happening with Glengarry History or the GHS. As well, the web sites for the Nor’westers Museum, the Glengarry Pioneer Museum and the Dalkeith Historical Society will stand on their own but be linked to the GHS website.

Finances: The Board looked at a draft budget for 2014 prepared by Don Wood, our Treasurer. We forecast that we will take in revenue of about $6,000 and spend about $8800. That’s a projected deficit of about $2800. Our reserves are just below $40,000. As you can see we need additional revenues and hope that current members will think of potential donors or consider a donation of their own.

In addition, the Board will be bringing the following motion to the members for consideration at the March 6 meeting: “Be it Resolved: That the membership of the Glengarry Historical Society waive the requirement for a review engagement of GHS finances for the fiscal year 2014.” We believe that our finances, as shown in the draft budget, will not support the $1500, or so, needed to pay a professional to review our financial statements. Member Bill MacMillan, a retired CPA, has volunteered to do a review for us as he did last year. In addition we learned that the new Provincial Bill for non-profit corporations (not yet proclaimed) will not require professional reviews for organizations with less than $100,000 in revenue. Several granting agencies have similar requirements. Don Wood will continue to do our year-end reports in his volunteer capacity as Treasurer. Thanks Don and Bill.

Notice of Formal Meeting of the GHS: The February 6 meeting will not contain any business. However, the March 6 meeting will include a short business meeting in addition to a featured speaker, in order to consider the above motion. Our bylaws require 15 days notice for any business meeting of the membership. This is the notice for March 6.

Stay warm. It’s been a cold winter so far. I hope to see you on the 6th to learn about the history of the Lanthier Bakery. Thanks for your support of our Society.

Bill Gilsdorf, Acting Chair