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    Dictionary of Glengarry Biography
    A comprehensive history of Glengarry County told through the lives of pioneers, fur traders, soldiers, farmers, railway barons, politicians, criminals; anybody and everybody who helped make Glengarry County Canada’s most storied and most celebrated county.

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All posts for the month August, 2013

Photograph of John A. “Cariboo” Cameron and Company

John A. Cameron, better known as “Cariboo Cameron”, was born September 1st, 1820 in Charlottenburgh Township to parents Angus Cameron and Isabella McDougal. In the 1850’s, Cameron was in California working as a gold prospector. Soon later, he returned to Glengarry County before making his way to the Cariboo in British Columbia, with his wife […]

Marie MacKenzie’s Bible

Sir Alexander Mackenzie was born at Stornoway, Ilsle of Lewis, Scotland in 1764. Mackenzie’s father Kenneth and his uncle John made their way to New York colony not long before the American Revolution began. During the war, they served as loyalists in the King’s Royal Regiment of New York. Because of the war, Alexander was […]

Royal Canadian Volunteers Flag

This flag is the King’s Colour, Second Battalion, Royal Canadian Volunteers flag which was raised in 1794 and disbanded in 1802. This is the first known flag to reference Canada as a political entity and to use the “Royal” designation in reference to a Canadian military regiment. This is most likely the oldest surviving flag […]

India Pattern Musket

 During the American Revolution, muskets, their attached bayonets, and cannons were the primary weapons supplied. The British Land Patterned muskets, nicknamed “Brown Bess”, were introduced in 1722 and produced into the 1860s. Other weapons were available such as rifles and pistols, but muskets were preferred because they were more convenient due to how quickly they […]

Gaetan’s Opens

Smalltown Ontario is incomplete without a chipstand. A local entrepreneur sees an opportunity…….

Original Settlement of Glengarry

The area was originally settled in 1792 as part of the historic Glengarry County in which many Scottish emigrants settled from all over the Scottish Highlands due to the Highland Clearances.

The very beginning…….

Glengarry was invented…..